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The board of trustees


General Provisions

  • The Board of Trustees (hereafter "the Board") is one of the forms of collegial management of Association of Women with Disabilities SHYRAK Public Association (hereafter "the PA").
  • The activities of the Board are governed by the legislation of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the present Regulations and the Charter of the PA.
  • Members of the Board perform their functions on a gratuitous basis.

Composition of the Board

  • The composition and number of members of the Board are approved by the Chair of the Board.
  • The Board is composed of the Chair, Co-Chair, secretary and its members.
  • The Board may comprise relatives of members of the PA, social partners, representatives of social organizations, foundations, associations, and sponsors.
  • The composition of the Board is elected for a term of 3 years. Changes to its composition may be made upon the decision of the general meeting if necessary.

Meetings of the Board

  • Meetings of the Board are presided over by the Chair and Co-Chair.
  • Interested persons who are not members of the Board are entitled, by agreement with the Chair, to attend its meetings.
  • Meetings of the Board are held according to its work plan at least once a year. Special meetings are held if necessary upon the decision of the Chair of the Board or if required so by one fourth of the members of the Board.
  • The Board is authorized to take decisions if the meeting is attended by at least two thirds of its members. Decisions of the Board are taken in an open vote by the majority of members present.

Aims of the functioning of the Board are as follows:

  • Assisting the PA in implementing the functions under its Charter;
  • Ensuring the conformity of the activities, events and projects of the PA with its mission, its organizational vision and moral and ethical norms.
  • Creating necessary conditions for members and staff of the PA with the aim of protecting their rights and promoting their interests;
  • Ensuring financial support and strengthening the material and technical basis of the PA;
  • Assisting further development of the PA;
  • trengthening connections with organizations working in the business sector, representatives of state authorities, and developing the civic sector.

Competences of the Board:

  • The Board takes measures to strengthen connections with enterprises and organizations, representatives of state authorities, and other persons with a view to accomplishing objects and aims of the PA;
  • Receives from the executive body documents and information necessary for performing its functions;
  • Gives recommendations and proposals for improving working conditions of the PA;
  • Reviews applications and requests submitted by interested persons on issues concerning the work of the PA;
  • Monitors the activities of the PA to ensure compliance with moral and ethical norms;
  • Solicits additional intellectual and material resources for accomplishing the objects and aims of the PA;
  • Participates in all events held by the PA.

Powers of the Board:

  • 6The Board approves the Regulations of the Board;
  • Approves decisions of the executive body of the PA, which are of strategic importance for organizational development.

The functioning of the Board is terminated:

  • At the initiative of the Board;
  • Upon liquidation and reorganization of the PA.

 "Шырақ" мүгедектігі бар әйелдер Ассоциациясы "Қоғамдық бірлестігі
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 Общественное объединение  "Ассоциация женщин с  инвалидностью "Шырак"
 Адрес: 050004, Казахстан, г. Алматы, ул. Гоголя 111, офис 622                    
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 Public Association of Women with Disabililities "SHYRAK"  
 Address: 111, Gogol str., 622, Almaty, 050004, Kazakhstan
Tel./fax: +7 727 2795723,+7 727 3912700                         
 Date of incorporation: 4 December 2001


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