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Гендер и инвалидность



Recommendations of the Network of Organizations of Women with Disabilities on the National Action Plan for Ensuring the Rights and Improving the Quality of Life of Persons with Disabilities


Gender neutrality?

Women’s Disability Experience. JSC “National Center for Expert Review and Certification”, Almaty branch office

L. Dominelli

Gender neutrality? Women’s disability experience // Social Policy Research Journal. 2004. Vol. 2. No. 1. pp. 29-52


The stigma of “disability” sexuality

E. R. Yarskaya-Smirnova

Text of the article (PDF, 493 KB)



Socio-psychological specificities of relationships between persons with disabilities and the healthy

T.A. Dobrovolskaya, N.B. Shabalina

Text of the article (PDF, 221 KB)


Science & life

Care and control: health, gender, disability from a social policy perspective

Text of the article (PDF, 95 KB)


 Gender aspects in disability and the aspect of disability in the status of women and girls with disabilities



Children with disabilities: problems of gender socialization




"Unlucky girls: thoughts about gender and disability"




National report on human development for the year 2009 "From isolation to equality: realization of the rights of persons with disabilities in Kazakhstan"








 "Шырақ" мүгедектігі бар әйелдер Ассоциациясы "Қоғамдық бірлестігі
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 Общественное объединение  "Ассоциация женщин с  инвалидностью "Шырак"
 Адрес: 050004, Казахстан, г. Алматы, ул. Гоголя 111, офис 622                    
Тел./факс: +7 727 2795723, +7 727 3912700                         
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 Public Association of Women with Disabililities "SHYRAK"  
 Address: 111, Gogol str., 622, Almaty, 050004, Kazakhstan
Tel./fax: +7 727 2795723,+7 727 3912700                         
 Date of incorporation: 4 December 2001


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