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About organization

About the organization

Association of Women with Disabilities SHYRAK Public Association is an organization which presently comprises about 300 girls and women with disabilities of different categories who reside in Almaty and Almaty oblast.
The Association was founded in 2001 at the initiative of 10 women with locomotive disabilities. Initially this was a regular organization which started its operation by distributing humanitarian aid and organizing special events for persons with disabilities. However, over the eight years of its operation the Association has been able to show itself as a strong, constantly developing organization whose mission is to protect rights and promote interests of women with disabilities. It is the only organization in Kazakhstan that has been working systematically to change public perceptions and attitudes towards issues of women's disability. The organization's programs include over 10 projects covering four strategic areas.

  • Mobilization of women with disabilities through awareness-raising, training and association;
  • Consolidation of the strength and potential of organizations of women with disabilities in Kazakhstan and countries of Central Asia;
  • Advocacy of interests of women with disabilities in all consultation bodies;
  • Protection of rights of women with disabilities

The Association has extensive experience in implementing programs both at the national and international levels. The Association acts as a coordinator for the International Project on the Creation of the Network of Organizations of Women with Disabilities in countries of Central Asia.


Protection of rights and interests of women with disabilities; assistance in the creation of the society of equal opportunities


  • To increase activism among women with disabilities
  • To change public attitudes towards women's disabilities
  • To influence state policies in the area of gender and disability

Organizational values:

  • Diversity and equality;
  • Openness and transparency;
  • Sustainability and commitment to development;
  • Dignity and justice;
  • Cooperation and development;
  • Participation and teamwork


  • Holding seminars and training courses;
  • Running advocacy campaigns including information campaign, roundtables and seminars;
  • Providing services for information, legal and psychological support;
  • Conducting surveys and research;
  • Designing methodological guidelines and instruction manuals;
  • Organizing opportunities for recreation and socialization for members of the Association, etc.

Target audience:

Girls and women with disabilities and their families. Members of the Network of Organizations of Women with Disabilities in 8 regions of Kazakhstan. Members of the Central Asian Network of Organization of Women with Disabilities (Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan).


Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign citizens who have reached 18 years of age and above and share the objects of the Association as stated in its Charter can become members of the Association. Membership of the Association is voluntary and expressed though participation in activities of the Association. Admission of new members is made on the basis of an application made in writing to the Council of the Association.


 "Шырақ" мүгедектігі бар әйелдер Ассоциациясы "Қоғамдық бірлестігі
Адрес: 050004, Қазахстан, Алматы, Гоголя к-сi, 111 үй, 622 офис
Тел./факс: +7 727 2795723,+7 727 3912700             Электрондық почта:
  Тіркелген күні: 04.12.2001 года

 Общественное объединение  "Ассоциация женщин с  инвалидностью "Шырак"
 Адрес: 050004, Казахстан, г. Алматы, ул. Гоголя 111, офис 622                    
Тел./факс: +7 727 2795723, +7 727 3912700                         
 Электронная почта:
 Дата регистрации: 04.12.2001 года

 Public Association of Women with Disabililities "SHYRAK"  
 Address: 111, Gogol str., 622, Almaty, 050004, Kazakhstan
Tel./fax: +7 727 2795723,+7 727 3912700                         
 Date of incorporation: 4 December 2001


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